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Humana Medicare Advantage Plans 2022

One of the three largest health insurance companies in America, Humana is committed to health and wellness innovation in the global community. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the company’s history dates back to 1961 when it started as a nursing home under the name Extendicare Inc. In 1974, the corporate name was changed to Humana Inc. which shows from its name, the higher level of human wellness and humane care they hope to achieve. However, it wasn’t until 1984 that Humana started its health insurance plans. Now, with more than 13 million members and 42,000 employees, Humana keeps proving itself as a respectable, quality health insurance company.

Benefits Of Humana Medicare Advantage

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans 2020

When you enroll for a Medicare Advantage Plan, you don’t pay all your medical expenses. Instead, Private insurers like Humana, contracted by the government administer your plans. However, is Humana your best choice for a Medicare Advantage plan in 2022? If you have used Humana’s Medicare Advantage in previous years, perhaps you won’t need much convincing as you have witnessed, first hand, the several benefits. If you have been enrolled in one of the Humana Part C Medicare Advantage plans and you would like to make a switch to another plan, this is also possible. 

You can check out our website to compare the different plans and choose one that best suits your current needs as well as get the up-to-date price quotes that the different Humana Medicare Plans offer as well as an accurate, comprehensive comparison to other healthcare insurance providers.

 In 2022, there are even more incentives for using the Humana Medicare Advantage. If you are only just reaching your 65th year, then you’re welcome to check out what you stand to benefit from Humana Medicare Advantage.  

A couple of months before your 65th birthday, you can sign up for Medicare; a National Health Insurance program for senior citizens and disabled younger citizens with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The Medicare program plan covers your inpatient and hospice services (Part A) as well as outpatient services (Part B). However, there are several medical needs that Medicare does not cover. Consequently, there are private insurers such as Humana, certified by Medicare to Provide Medicare Advantage plans, known as Part C.

Humana Medicare Advantage “all-in-one” plans cover all the benefits of Original Medicare Part A and Part B. Most of the Humana Part C plans also cover hospital, medical and Part D prescription drugs, as well as other services such as cost of yearly checkups, dental care, vision and hearing care, and fitness membership through as SilverSneakers benefit. Choosing an all in one, easy to manage Humana Medicare Advantage plan allows you save more money on health and wellness services while giving added benefits such as mail delivery pharmacy for your convenience. 

Another benefit of Humana Medicare Advantage plans is that there is a limit on your year out-of-pocket expense on medical care and wellness services, thereby offering a level of predictability that Original Medicare does not offer. Also, when your medical costs are less than the fee your Humana Medicare Advantage plan gets from the government, the savings are accrued to you. This means that you may even have a Part C plan with a $0 premium.

There are several Medicare Advantage plans offered by Humana including Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organization, Private Fee-for-Service, and Special Needs Plan. It is important to choose a plan based on your budget, your convenience, and your health coverage. Humana Medicare Advantage usually has a network of doctors and hospitals with which they are in a contract. This way, you can pay less for health services and healthcare facilities.

Humana MA Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)  Plans 2022

Earlier we talked about a network of doctors, healthcare facilities, and hospitals that Humana has partnerships with. When you enroll with a Humana HMO plan, this network of doctors and hospitals are for your use at minimal copays and zero deductible. You need a private care provider from the plan’s network and you are required to use health care services and facilities in this network except in emergencies. You have emergency coverage regardless of wherever you are in the world. HMO is affordable and some plans have a $0 premium depending on your area. Your Humana HMO coverage includes all part A and part B coverage as well as Part D prescription drugs.

Humana MA Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans 2022

When you enroll for a Humana PPO plan 2022, you get the benefits of Humana Medicare Advantage without being limited to in-network facilities. This means that you can use the services of any Medicare-approved facility, hospital, or doctors although you can save more when you use in-network service providers. You also do not need a referral to see a specialist. Benefits of the PPO plans include affordable monthly premiums, free preventive screening coverage, original Medicare parts A and B coverage, fitness membership through SilverSneakers, Medicare Part D plans, visual, dental, and hearing aid coverage for additional premiums and emergency coverage when you are outside the country.

Humana Private-Fee-For-Service (PFFS) Plans 2022

The PFFS Medicare Advantage plan is Humana’s most flexible option. The PFFS plan allows you to use any Medicare-approved service provider; doctors or hospitals as long as they accept the Humana Medicare Advantage terms and conditions. With this plan, you have all the Part A and Part B original Medicare Advantage overage, emergency coverage anywhere you are outside the United States, Part D prescription drugs coverage on most plans, fitness membership through SilverSneakers, and annual preventive screening and checkup coverage.

Humana Special Needs Plans (SNP) 2022

Humana Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans especially caters to people with chronic health conditions (such as diabetes, heart failure, End-stage kidney disease, and cardiovascular disorder), individuals that are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid (Dual SNP) or that are long term residents in a healthcare facility. Available in more than 20 states, this plan also covers all Part A and Part B original Medicare benefits alongside Part D prescription drug coverage. Many of the Humana SNP plans are very affordable and have a $0 monthly premium which allows you to save more monthly.

Regardless of which plan you enroll for, Humana lets you understand exactly what it covers and cuts no corners. If you are 65 or older, or looking to make a switch from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage, Humana has so much to offer and definitely worth it! To be sure of which plan is right for you, you can use our website to compare the different Humana Medicare Advantage Plans.