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AARP Medicare Advantage Plans 2022

Formally known as the American Association of Retired People, AARP is a nonprofit organization that empowers people to choose how they live as they age. With more than 30 million members as of 2018, AARP is one of the world’s biggest medical insurance providers for senior citizens in America. With AARP’s Medicare Advantage from UnitedHealthcare, Senior citizens of 65 years or older can save up to hundreds of dollars monthly on their healthcare. 

In some states, AARP Medicare Advantage plans are available to younger people living with a disability or End-Stage Renal Disease. AARP by UnitedHealthcare is approved by Medicare to provide Medicare Advantage plans and coverages. 

These Medicare Advantage Part C plans combine both the Original Medicare Part A (in-hospital treatment) and Part B (doctor visits) with other benefits not covered by Original Medicare such as prescription drugs, ER care, routine dental care, eye care, etc.

AARP also offers a Medicare Prescription Drug (Part D) plan from UnitedHealthcare. This is a different plan from Medicare Advantage. While Medicare Advantage Part C plans cover Parts A, B, D alongside many other benefits such as Emergency care, transport, etc. the Medicare prescription drug plan only offers Prescription drug coverage alongside Original Medicare Part A and Part B. This also allows you to save more out-of-pocket cost of self-administered prescription drugs that your Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

Benefits of AARP UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage 2022

AARP Medicare Advantage Plans 2020

What makes the AARP UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan different from other MA plans offered by other private insurers? While other private insurers have a standard Medicare Advantage coverage such as original Medicare and Part D prescription drug coverage, when you enroll for AARP Medicare Advantage, there are a whole lot of other benefits accrued to you. Such benefits include:

Large Provider network: AARP has a very vast network of service providers including hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare facilities you can choose from when you enroll for any of the Medicare Advantage plans. AARP Medicare Plans from UnitedHealthcare boasts of having one of the nation’s largest provider network. While AARP offers some plans that cover your expenses when you use out-of-network facilities however, it is usually cheaper when you use AARP network providers.

$0 doctor visit and prescription copays: AARP MA plans offer $0 on all in-network primary care provider visits and most common prescriptions (tier 1 and tier 2 drugs filed by a preferred mail-order pharmacy). You also get rewards for preventative care and over $150 in health and wellness products. There are also free dental and vision benefits such as free dental and vision checkups as well as annual allowances on frames and free designer eyeglasses. Other additional benefits of AARP Medicare Advantage plans include a Renew Active free gym membership and reward program for staying active, one on one supports which helps you navigate and understand your Medicare plan and telehealth virtual visits where you can talk to a designated healthcare provider whenever you need to make inquiries or help regarding your health and wellness.

AARP Dual-Special Needs Plans (D-SNP) 2022

AARP UnitedHealthcare offers a Dual-Special Needs Plan for people who have both Medicare and Medicaid. Medicaid is a United States Health program that assists citizens with low income to cover some medical costs not covered by Medicare such as personal care services and nursing home care. The AARP D-SNP plans offer many additional benefits such as dental coverage, vision coverage, prescription coverage, transportation assistance, and health product credits. These plans are affordable, available at a $0 premium, and are the best for senior citizens who have complex medical needs and may require extra help coordinating their care.

AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans 2022

Also known as Medigap, AARP At Your Best by UnitedHealthcare offers Medicare supplemental insurance plans which offer health and wellness resources, discount programs and support services to supplement your Original Medicare coverage. Your Medigap plan usually helps to cover some health care costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover such as Medicare deductible, coinsurance without the need for a referral or a primary care provider and some benefits when you travel outside the U.S. Essentially, once you have an Original Medicare and a Medigap plan, Medicare covers its share of your health care cost and Medigap pays some covered benefits anywhere you are in the U.S as well thereby helping you pay less out-of-pocket. 

Eligibility for a Medigap policy includes having Part A and Part B Original Medicare, a monthly premium separate from your Medicare premium and you can’t get a Medigap policy if you have already enrolled for a Medicare Advantage plan. Additional benefits accrued to you when you get an AARP Medicare Supplemental insurance plan includes a Renew Active program which gives you access to a network of fitness and gym facilities at no additional cost, a discount on hearing aids and screening by certified HearUSA hearing care providers, discount savings on eyewear purchase and routine eye checks (including a $50 discount at participant providers), wellness coaches to provide personalized support and programs that help you reach your wellness goals and a 24/7 nurse line which connects you to a registered nurse to discuss your health concerns and guide you to community resources.

However, Medigap only supplements your Original Medicare and there are many Medigap plans you can buy. Medicare Advantage has more extensive coverage and additional benefits such as vision, dental, and hearing. Your Part C plan also covers more Part D plans. With Medicare Advantage, you can easily get the all-for-one plan you need rather than buy several Medigap policies.

AARP offers many beneficial health insurance plans including Medicare Advantage (HMO, PPO, etc.), Dual-Special Needs Plans, Medigap. However, it is important to compare all these plans to know which is best to enroll. Some additional benefits vary from plan to plan and area to area and the Medicare Advantage or health insurance plan you eventually enroll for should be based on your health needs, your budget, and what is available in your area. 

You can use our website to make these comparisons, check which plans are available in your area and what your benefits are as well as get price quotes for each private insurer for proper comparison before selecting a plan. You can also contact us for further inquiries. We are here to help you make the best selection.

AARP Medicare Advantage Plans

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